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Top Hotel Chains For Business Travel

For a business traveler working all day, there can be no worse frustration than coming back to a crummy hotel room. They need a place they can relax and be comfortable after a hard day of work and travel. Choosing the right business hotel is important, for reasons of cost, convenience, and employee satisfaction.

Top hotel china around the world have stepped up their hospitality and quality standards the past couple of years in order to accommodate the rising numbers of business travelers. As a result, a very competitive pool of hotel chains has emerged. We’ll take a look at several top names for you to consider the next time you hit the road.



This hotel gets high marks from business travelers worldwide. With top notch technology in the rooms and comfortable room designs, this hotel chain is a frequent favorite among business travelers. It provides the comfort of home and convenience of city access during the stay, all while providing first-class facilities and amenities. Customer service in the Hyatt is also frequently rated as among the best in major hotel chains.

The chain has over five hundred locations across the US and internationally.


Drury Inn & Suites

The Drury Inn & Suites has emerged as a solid budget hotel for business travelers. The cleanliness, rooms, service, value, and locations all rate highly among competitors. The suites are spacious and come in many forms, from basic rooms to more luxurious king-sized suites. For those who don’t need all the amenities of a four-star hotel, the Drury Inn is a good alternative.


Hilton Garden Inn

This mid-range hotel chain offers convenient locations in the center of many US cities. With comfortable suites and a clean and friendly environment, a lot of business people have made the Hilton Garden Inn their home away from home. Customer service has received high marks across the board as well.


Hampton Inn

This hotel chain is very affordable, while still providing the basic comforts necessary in a modern hotel. Most branches receive high marks on attractiveness and cleanliness, but the quality of the suite may vary depending on location. It’s not for everyone, but for someone who just wants a cheap place to sleep after a longs day work, the Hampton Inn is an affordable and acceptable hotel. Those needing a more comfortable place to set up a workstation or hang around in the evenings might want to look for something more upscale, though.


Always keep quality in mind when choosing hotels. Try several different chains while traveling, and choose the one that best meets your needs. Also, thanks to the internet, checking reviews is easier than ever through sites like Yelp or TripAdviser. It’s always good to look first, since even in the same hotel chain, quality at different locations can vary. However, sticking with one chain also has its benefits, thanks to frequent visitor programs, which often provide room discounts or free upgrades. Finding a place that is comfortable and within your business’ budget is the most important thing.

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